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This doesn’t mean I hold onto my disappointment, crying into the night. A world class athlete who didn’t care about being winning a medal? All winners care deeply about their potential achievements.

But often, “not caring,” as dating advice is a lazy man’s philosophy. I care about making money, having freedom to travel, and creating great art. When a woman I like a lot flakes on me, trust me, I care. I control my emotions by using that energy in other productive ways. Have you ever heard of a top salesman who didn’t care about being the top salesman?

Relationship coaches are experts on dating and attraction that help individuals find, attract and ultimately form romantic relationships with others.

Being a relationship or dating coach requires a varied skill set and the ability to clearly articulate typically amorphous concepts, such as what really attracts people to one another, what makes two people "right" for each other, and how an individual can improve his stock in the dating world without having to completely overhaul his personality. Expand your interests to include perspectives from both men and women in order to get a well-rounded view of the type of advice that is available to both genders.

Anthony Diaz de la Vega has been writing professionally since 2007.

His work has appeared on the Celebrity Net Worth website, among other online entities.

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