Who is antwaun cook dating now

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The two had Dallas together in 2011, and then broke up in 2013, at which point he went back to his estranged wife, Paula.

“Paula’s a strong woman for pretty much helping to mother the love child of her cheating husband,” the source added.

Now in management, with T-Mobile USA, I am in a position that allows me to motivate others based on my evergrowing knowledge, to be successful and learn tools that will allow them achievement through inceasing sales and career advancement opportunities.” Fantasia in January denied any relationship between the two. Allegations online also claimed that the word “Cook” was tattooed on Fantasia. Antwaun Cook Fantasia Barrino Pictures Set 2 Antwaun Cook Fantasia Barrino Photo 4 Antwaun Cook Fantasia Barrino Photo 5 Antwaun Cook Fantasia Barrino Photo 6 “Yes, [the rumors] were all really cute to me.

“Sales is my Savior” “I have been in sales all of my career, primarily now in the telecommunications industry, I have acheived many awards thoughout my career, such as: Jack coins at Cingular, “Circle of Excellence” nominations at AT&T Wireless, and Quarterly achievement awards at Sun Com Wireless. You can’t believe everything you hear so watch the show and you get to hear it from the horses mouth.” Allegations online since January claimed that she met Cook at his then T-Mobile store in Charlotte, NC in November 2009 where he reportedly was in sales.“But her relationship with Antwaun takes precedence right now and the last thing on their minds is whether or not it’s hurting Fantasia’s feelings.She won’t sacrifice the well-being of the child because it’s not his fault.” It’s unknown how long Dallas will be staying with Antwaun for, but as of Wednesday night he was still with his father — and look how cute he is!“Fantasia and Antwaun have shared custody of Dallas, but he ends up with him a lot since she’s busy on Broadway, which in turn gives Paula a lot of time with him.” It’s a bizarre twist in the story that was once a fairytale, but now a nightmare for Fantasia.Fantasia was first labeled a homewrecker in 2010 when it was revealed she was in a romantic relationship with Antwaun — a married man.

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