Updating smf

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I dug around in the scripts a little bit and saw the “delcust” option.AFter clearing everything out I could add my entries back in SMF DNS client and automatically updated when doing a refresh.

updating smf-47updating smf-69updating smf-77updating smf-50

When the system enters maintenance mode from another runlevel, only the system console is used as the terminal.

Unless the user specifies another value as a kernel boot parameter, the system will attempt to enter (start) the default runlevel.

Systems conforming to the Linux Standard Base (LSB) need not provide the exact run levels given here or give them the meanings described here, and may map any level described here to a different level which provides the equivalent functionality.

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Checking upgrade logs located in the /var/tmp directory you should see the following errors: INFO: Deploying SAP Host Agent configurations on host INFO: Calling SAP Host Control web service operation 'Detect Managed Objects' (host: , user: 'p72adm', url: ' arguments: )WRN : Deployment of SAP Host Agent configurations failed on host Read more...

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