Updating mac video card

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Just like anyone else who frequents Low End Mac, I wanted to get more value out of my Apple hardware.Before going further into detail, I would like to give special thanks to Mac Rumors forum user “Tiamo”.After all, this was a genuine Mac Pro and not a hackintosh build.After a great deal of persistence, I was thrilled to eventually find a native upgrade path (again, many thanks to Tiamo at Mac Rumors) that is not that hard to accomplish.You will need access to the application called “Flat package editor”.This tool is part of a package called Package Maker, which allows you to create custom installation packages.Note: You’ll know that you have succeeded when you see “DSMOS IS HERE”.At that point, the Mac Pro will then boot it’s GUI.

A good step-by-step account of this process for creating a Mavericks USB installer is outlined at at least the same version of the OS you just downloaded (Example: Mavericks 10.9.4) and then plug your Mac Pro’s hard drive into this computer externally (use Target Disk mode or put your Mac Pro hard drive in an external enclosure).

If current drivers are not available, you may be able to download modified third party drivers from

A step-by-step installation guide can be found be scrolling down on that page.

My name is Robert Bryant, and I am a computer tech in Central California just south of San Jose.

As a daily Mac Pro user, I wanted to provide the Low End Mac community with the necessary steps to take a base model 2006 Mac Pro 1,1 or 2007 2,1 (that can now be easily obtained for under 0) and show you how to make it as modern as any current Mac, while retaining all of the expansion that the older tower style Mac Pros provide.

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