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I’m not sure I completely agree as I walk all over the city, but NYC does make it fairly convenient to live near all your needs and wants.We spend a lot of time exploring all of the neighborhoods and boroughs, but the Upper West Side is definitely home.

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We know everyone in the building and quite a few people on the block.

After three years of hanging out with the same group of friends, working together as designers in the music office, and even traveling to England on a student art trip, we discovered we kind of liked each other.

Apparently it was obvious to everyone else as we frequently heard, “Finally! We finished school getting to know each other, planned our wedding in 3 months, and just celebrated 10 years of marriage in November.

We ended up renting this apartment sight-unseen with the help of the broker his work provided.

It was very nerve-wracking to put down a large security deposit for a place we had never seen, and needed to have it work out for at least a year, though preferably longer as moving a family of four would not be fun or cheap.

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