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You don’t want to come across as a hyper-developed man-child who never quite managed to grow up, so it’s time to trim things back Your first stage is to take down the irredeemably nerdy stuff; if it’s something that you wouldn’t reasonably expect to see in a grown-up’s apartment, it’s time to put ’em away.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you have to de-geek the entire place.

The end result is the same; whether it’s a point of pride or a matter of shame, the geek may inherit the Earth, but they won’t be getting laid in the process. It’s time to become the kind of geek that women love.

So, does being a nerd mean that you’re doomed to be forever alone? The most obvious answer for geeks who are looking for love is to date other geeks.

A chronic inability to follow social cues and cultural norms of acceptable behavior.

An inability to hold conversations out side of their limited spheres of interest. Keyboards and game controllers covered in Cheeto dust.

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