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The Irish Midlands region contains one of the world's largest hydrothermal Zn-Pb ore districts, but uncertainty exists in the timing of mineralization. The zircon UPb age of the porphyritic syenogranite at Tugurige is 276 2 Ma. 7 01 - Re - Os dating of pyrite confirms an early diagenetic onset and extended duration of mineralization in the Irish Zn-Pb ore field. isochron age of 22512 Ma (2σ) on the 187 Re/ 188 Os versus 187 Os/ 188 Os plot and. Collaborative Research: Mass Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes, Re - Os Dating of Sedimentary Pyrite , and the Composition of the Late Archean.Re Os dating shows that pyrite from different ore types has very low Re and Os concentrations in the range of 0.1228.988 ppb and 0.0030.054 ppb,. Re - Os Isochron Ages for Gold and Pyrite Kirk et al.Even at lunch today, while Gina was out with friends as Mary told me that it would be this evening, I tried to convince myself that she wasn't serious, but then I saw the cruel excitement in her eyes and began to get scared.

27 03 - First Reliable Re Os Ages of Pyrite and Stable Isotope Compositions of Fe(-Cu) Deposits in the Hami Region, Eastern Tianshan Orogenic Belt,. Approximately 1 g samples of bornite, chalcopyrite, pyrite , or spha- lerite were digested in.

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