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Lancashire Police were so concerned about the risk they posed that they ordered around-the-clock surveillance and obtained consent to place covert surveillance devices in the pair's van.An intercepted call alerted police that O' Neill and Lauchlan were grooming a six-year-old boy in Scotland.She had been due to give evidence against them at an upcoming trial when she went missing in June 1997 after separating from her husband. It was later found at the flat in Rothesay where she had moved with a young boy only a week before she disappeared.Police believe she argued with O' Neill and Lauchlan because they knew she was due to testify against them.

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They then befriended a family in a karaoke bar near Benidorm and lured two English brothers, aged 15 and 18, on a camping trip under the pretext of giving them a job.

Although it would be 13 years between the murder and O' Neill and Lauchlan being found guilty, the pair were convicted of other offences in between.

In 1998, O' Neill and Lauchlan were jailed for eight years and six years respectively for 31 charges of sexually abusing children.

These include crimes such as serious sexual assault and raping children.

As the pair begin life sentences for killing Allison Mc Garrigle their previous dealings with the Scottish legal system can be revealed.

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