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But it didn’t happen on its own, and she did nothing to make it happen. Anniversary after anniversary, Martin Luther King Day after Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month after Black History Month, it just kept popping up.

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She never spent a day in school with the Little Rock Nine and played no part in the horrors to which administrators, either lax or actually sympathetic to a small group of segregationist troublemakers, allowed them to be subjected.

Soon, a poster-sized version of the picture was available: “Reconciliation,” it said.

Everyone rejoiced; Thanks to Elizabeth and Hazel, Little Rock, maligned for 40 years, bathed in instant absolution.

You know what the white girl’s saying, but you can’t print it all: commands to get out and go home —“home” being the place from which her forebears had been dragged in chains centuries earlier.

That what that white girl was actually doing that day was more grabbing attention for herself than making any statement of deep conviction doesn’t really matter.

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