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“We have no confirmation on the home being torn down.

You never know what they’re going to do,” said Father Cooke, of the new owners. Obviously I would prefer the house to remain as it is.” * * * Inisfada is notable for more than its colossal size.

One woman who had volunteered with the Jesuits for many years said she and other volunteers believe that, without a doubt, Inisfada will surely be torn down.

She would not give her name for fear of angering others in the Jesuit community.

“For the last fifty years, how many lives of others were enriched by their encounters here?

” Today, the Inisfada property looks quite different than it did during that early summer celebration.

Once the fourth-largest mansion in America, Inisfada is more reminiscent of a Long Island of the distant past; of the grand houses that dotted the island’s North Shore in the 1920s, leading to its moniker, “the Gold Coast.” Over the last 90-odd years, many of these mansions fell off the map, either crumbling into disrepair or sold and knocked down to make way for more modern homes.

Just two years ago, Lands End, the actual mansion that inspired F.

The mansion has been completely emptied, according to Deacon Tom Everard of St. When questioned about photos of construction materials recently spotted outside the mansion that were posted online by a local activist, the deacon replied angrily, “It’s none of their business.” The official word from Father Vincent Cooke, the assistant for strategic planning for the New York Jesuits, is that the owners signed a contract for .5 million with a foreign investor from Hong Kong.The Bradys used the mansion as a summer home, and after his death from rheumatoid arthritis in 1930, his widow bestowed the building to the New York Province of the Society of Jesuits, who have utilized it as the St. But now the Jesuit group, hampered by the rising costs of maintaining such a large mansion, has shuttered the doors of the St.Ignatius retreat for good and are in the process of selling Inisfada.The mansion itself, with its impressive façade and spacious grounds, is rather humble on the inside.The main chapel is the primary feature of the first floor—a long, narrow church with floor-to-ceiling windows and pews where patrons would kneel in prayer every Sunday.

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