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They got international licensing from Miramax for 140 of their movies so they should have at least some good films.They also got licensing from Telemundo for 1200 hours of purely Spanish content. They often end a conversation with a friend or acquaintance they feel friendly toward by saying Um beijo! These expressions are also common ways to end an e-mail. After telling you thank you — obrigado (oh-bdee-gah-doh) if you’re male and obrigada (oh-bdee-gah-dah) if you’re female — a Brazilian often says Imagina! Fique tranquilo: There’ll be another one in ten minutes. At the first signs of someone’s stress, a Brazilian often says Fique tranquilo (fee-kee kdang-kwee-loh; Don’t worry). If the bus takes off just as you arrive to the bus stop, don’t worry.

Say Fala sério (fah-lah seh-dee-oh) to mean You’re kidding!

Shout as needed at the television, radio, or, when possible, the referee himself. When they do say no, however, they say it as emphatically as possible. Even if you already speak Brazilian Portuguese, you’ll probably need some practice before you can understand speakers from Europe or Africa. While the favelas and their residents have made many important contributions to Brazilian society and popular culture, they can also be very dangerous places, especially for visitors.

” A useful phrase to know when traveling to any football-loving country. “No, I can’t do it” As my Portuguese professor once explained to me, Brazilians tend to avoid saying no. So different, in fact, that Brazilian TV shows are frequently translated and broadcast with subtitles in Portugal.

Use this phrase instead of putting muito (moh-ee-toh; very) or bem (bang; very) in front of these same words.

Pra caramba (pdah kah-dahm-bah) is most often used at the end of a sentence to exaggerate something.

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