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When he was offered the opportunity to be carried up the steps, he refused, fearing that court officers, who, he felt, bore him ill will, might drop him on purpose.When his case wasn’t heard that morning, he crawled down again, but refused to crawl back up to the courtroom after the noon recess.Lane and his co-plaintiff, a court reporter who uses a wheelchair and who couldn't get into a number of second-floor courtrooms around the state, a circumstance which limited her ability to do her job.On the other hand, the case dragged on for years before the Supreme Court ruling in 2004, and the state finally settled the damages in 2005.Sometimes just the challenge itself is enough to bring about an acceptable accommodation.When there’s a case of real hardship, however (a business that could suffer seriously as a result of the expense of compliance), or when an entity is simply resistant, and the complainant and the entity can’t come to some agreement, the case has to go to court before anything happens.That person is usually the place to start with a complaint or a demand for enforcement. If it appears that there’s going to be some major difficulty, find a lawyer who has experience in cases involving disability rights, or a disability rights organization that has such lawyers and others on staff, and let them handle the negotiation.

This was a good result for disability rights, and for Mr.Even when someone wins an ADA case, it can create great stress over a long period, and it takes dedication to see the process to the end.Each state, most state funding agencies, most cities and towns, most corporations, and many other entities have an ADA Coordinator.There are many helpful advocacy organizations out there.To enlist help with your disability advocacy, it may be helpful to contact Client Advocacy Protection services (for clients of Vocational Rehabilitation).

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