Newest online dating services like eharmony videos from the 1950s and dating

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However an obvious con man is out of the business very quickly, so their tactics have improved.Here is a list of some of the “new and improved” ways con men are trying to get your attention. Con men look more average than ever Con men now use very average photos in their profiles.These warnings can seem daunting, but we’ve found that the best way to prevent con men (and women) from succeeding is to keep our users fully informed of their tactics.For all their complex schemes con men are completely dependent upon your cooperation.If you find that a new romantic interest has a history on these services, it isn’t a guarantee against fraud.Watch out for the warning signs and don’t become complacent just because you found other information online. Con men are excellent Phishermen As you may know, “phishing” is the act of securing private information by appearing to be a trusted source and sending links that download personal information or install a damaging virus.

Be on guard and don’t reveal too many personal details to someone you’re just getting to know. Con men are no longer in a hurry One of the hallmarks of fraud used to be the big rush. Many victims of fraud have cited “all our time together” as the reason they were willing to hand over personal information and money.

Just like the Internet, fraud tactics evolve over time.

There was a time when con men used cheesy photos of models from magazines.

They wanted to push and push and get something from you quickly. They may invest in hundreds of IM’s, emails, and calls. Don’t let your guard down, no matter how well you think your relationship is progressing. Con men are into social media “I Googled her and she had a Linked In account and a Facebook account, so I thought she was legit.” Yes, con men (and women) have learned about social media.

They know that people are vetting them in the social spaces and have responded accordingly.

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