Never married dating

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The fact is, someone can be single or divorced multiple times for many reasons.They never met the right person, their lives put road blocks to relationships, they were career oriented and a slew of others.

I have had a few guys question me as to why I have never been married etc? nope, but it does put you in the lean six sigma parameters - you are darn near as rare as a unicorn. now if somebody could lead me to a magical land of where there are actually still some men who dont have multiple kids by multiple women in state all over the states 2 or 3 still angry ex wives an like 3 or 4 differant fuk buddies all over town not constantly in an out of jail or still married or has a live in girlfriend then i might be able to kill this single status sooner rather then later..My experience with this on opposite extremes is the never married guy with no kids at 40ish..paper he would look like a catch, but in meet and greet...he was so unattractive, my hair stood up on end !!!Guess I couldn't relate to much of the other situations and certainly not to the extremes( never married or divorced many times)I also was concerned about meeting someone who did not like dogs.I passed on a good catch once because he did not like dogs or much in the way of pets.

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