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A lot of people leave this competition unnoticed, but we are going out with a bang.'" Fans weren't the only ones surprised at Bryan and Ballas' elimination, a fact that wasn't lost on the starlet."People were so angry," Bryan told first week of competition.I started playing guitar at age 9 and then I started getting really heavy into dance when I was about 12. BC, where does your love of music come from and when did you know you wanted to create music? Mark: It is really cool, because when I was on , I would walk through this area every day trying to find a clean bathroom. BC, would you ever consider being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars?

Mark, what came first, your love of music or dancing? I went to a high school and college for musical theater. You recently released a new Christmas music video– do you have any favorite holiday traditions? Usually with my family –BC: Christmas is his dad’s birthday. So we always do the white elephant game with the family. "He's such a responsible person that he just feels like he failed me. And you feel all the tension in the studio," "I told him, 'I won't allow you or me to get into a negative mode. Mark, look, even people who were voting for [entertainer Marie Osmond] and [actress Jane Seymour] still thought we were great.They can't believe that we're not in the competition and that is something you can't ask for."I would've been happy with anyone, but I think he has a really cool edge. He was [fourth-season professional champ] Julianne Hough's partner for five years, so you know he's good." Bryan said Ballas also explained that it was going to be a long, tough road if they were going to capture the fifth-season mirror ball trophy. "[He said the bigger problem is that] the female stars have a hard time competing with the professional women." The competition wasn't ever really a problem for the couple -- as they were always close to the top of the judges' leader board -- also scoring the first fifth-season perfect score from the judges, a 30 out of 30 possible points.However they were surprisingly booted Tuesday night following their Monday night foxtrot. "I had Mark re-watch the part where they asked us to leave, and then you hear all the uproar.

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