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Eric Olsen – Your locations are an amazing tour of the world! How did you get into, for example, Bhutan for the Himalayas/yeti episode? What is your secret for getting into places no one else can go?Josh Gates – Part of the answer isn’t that exciting: it’s just asking.People ARE seeing something but they are identifying it as something else.

The show has excellent production and entertainment values, a capable and engaging team, cool gadgets, and the gloss of solid scientific method about it, as befitting Gates' academic background in archaeology at Tufts University.

And sometimes you just get the hang of it right out of the gate.

We’ve been really lucky that way, to just roll our sleeves up and try these things we haven’t done before.

She wasn’t with us in the fall but she is back for these shows. Jael De Pardo is mostly not back for season 3.5: she had another opportunity, which she took.

[Jael was recently announced as a team member on Syfy's new reality series Paranormal Investigators, which will premiere in July].

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