Is nick stahl dating anyone

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Being frustrated by how much time her boyfriend spent with Kent (aged 20), Connelly tried to distract Kent from Puccio by setting up her friend Alice (Ali) Willis (aged 17) with Kent.Kent and Ali dated for a few weeks but Kent was abusive toward Ali and she cut off the relationship.

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Kent tried to peddle a movie, titled Rough Boys, to porn shops across South Florida.Puccio then slit Kent's throat and hit his head against the ground.Kaufman then approached and hit Kent in the head with the baseball bat, which was the final blow.The story was also covered during an episode of the A&E series American Justice as well as Forensic Files, and more recently, Investigation Discovery's Murder Among Friends.In the film, Puccio was portrayed by Brad Renfro, Kent was portrayed by Nick Stahl; Stahl would later go on to play John Connor in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Willis was portrayed by Bijou Phillips, Connelly was portrayed by Rachel Miner, Semenec was portrayed by Michael Pitt, Swallers was portrayed by Kelli Garner, Dzvirko was portrayed by Daniel Franzese, and Kaufman was portrayed by Leo Fitzpatrick.

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