Intimidating neighbours ireland

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Don't deal with the problem while a party is going on however; instead call the Garda - but all they can do is ask them to turn the music down.If your neighbours persist, the next step is to write out a clear letter where you logically list your woes.

It's probably unlikely that they'd successfully overhaul either Tipperary or Kilkenny in that tussle.A noise pollution log is also advisable to show the level of nuisance caused by your neighbour and if you bring it further in the future, this will be very useful. A general overview is that under Irish law, you are entitled to bring complaints about specific neighbourhood noise to the District Court.The law in Ireland governing this area is Section 108 of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 and the Environmental Protection Agency Act (Noise) Regulations 1992.Noisy neighbours can have a major impact on your life, as it can develop into a major problem.The annoyance can lead to stress-related illness and an inability to do everyday things like sleeping or studying.

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