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It does this in the certain knowledge that these Serbs, and others who receive passports, will then be able to migrate throughout the EU.In other words, Hungary is doing its best to encourage migration from the poorer to the richer half of Europe, just as David Cameron is suggesting that this deeply worrying trend demands urgent action.These poor souls were not rounded up and deported by Nazi stormtroopers — the SS had only 150 men in Budapest at the time — but by thousands of Hungarian fascist ‘Arrow Cross’ militia.The Arrow Cross had also established two ghettos in Budapest, killing 15,000 people before the capital was liberated by the Red Army in February 1945.Hungary also is the land of the beautiful blue Danube River; no trip here would be complete without a boat ride on it.An overview of the best places to visit in Hungary: With its roots in Celtic and Roman eras, Gyor also has been ruled by the Mongols, Magyars, Czechs, and Ottomans, though city fathers burned the town to keep the Turks from taking it.The old town at Kaptalan Hill can be found at the confluence of the Danube, Raba and Rebca rivers. Ignatius of Loyola, an ornate Benedictine cathedral, which visitors have described as “food for the soul.” Hortobagy National Park was established as Hungary’s first national park in 1973.

In April 2011, terrified Roma, like the woman pictured above, were forced to flee their own homes as far-Right militia arrived for a ‘training camp’ in the village of Gyongyospata.

Today, Hungarian Jews suffer a level of anti-Semitism that is among the worst in Europe.

Last year a Jobbik MP, Marton Gyongyosi, called for a list to be published of all people of Jewish origin, claiming they were a national security risk because they supported Israel in its disputes with the Palestinians.

Gyor, located between Budapest and Vienna, is a good town to just wander around in.

At almost every turn you’ll come across statues and marvelous old buildings.

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