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In The Kanay Strikes Back, Daniel finally realizes that Mia was the one who put the spider seal on him and no longer believes anything she says.

Eventually, after realizing how much damage both Mia and himself have caused towards his relationship with Emma, Daniel apologized to Emma for everything that had happened between them and told her that he didn't want their relationship to end.

Daniel is tall, athletic and the leader of The Sharks.

Daniel was rather confused as he still had his alternate and real memories, which even made him believe he was still dating Maddie.

He never try's to dress over the top and has super smarts as well. When Mia marks him, he becomes a bad boy and acts like a jerk to everyone, including his younger siblings.

After the seal was removed, Daniel returned to his old self.

It was said that the spider seal doesn't change a person, it just releases there inner wild, meaning that Daniel really liked her.

After Mia removes the seal to help Daniel from his sickness, he goes to Mia for answers.

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