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Others will remark that the EU has failed to persuade its own citizens as to how correct its policies are, as proven in successive elections and referenda.Obviously, it is those citizens who are very primitive and do not grasp the rationale of today’s Europe’s policies.This project was rejected by an overwhelming majority of Cypriot voters in the referendum of 2004.It is perhaps no coincidence that the same London law firm which drafted the Greek “Loan Agreement” also drafted the Annan Plan for Cyprus if we give credit to what one article published in the Greek magazine Epikaira, claims.There are always people of bad faith who can only offer negative comments.

Interdisciplinary research and education in economics and international politics are the trademark of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at HSE.

Brussels’ sudden interest in Cyprus has coincided with Washington’s increasing interest in solving this conflict by the end of the year if possible.

Both the USA and Israel seem now more than ever pressed to construct a pipeline connecting Israel with Turkey.

The abolition of the Greek state is a strategic transformation of enormous geopolitical consequences.

This is even more true for the Republic of Cyprus, which is located in an even more strategic location in the Eastern Mediterranean and is also inhabited by Greeks (82% of the population).

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