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I like to wear dress or skirts in fun floral patterns.

And I have a rule for my dress: it’s either going to be tight and show off my figure or loose and show off my cleavage…never both at the same time!

I think after a first date, it’s pretty obvious whether or not a relationship should (or can) happen. Mainly because of the way we met – at a bar but then later we had a date.

Has there ever been a guy that you weren’t initially attracted to, but ended up interested in? You know when you meet people in a loud bar or nightclub, you can’t really get a good idea of who they are because you couldn’t talk as comfortably, so I think it’s good to try and meet again to see if there’s something there.

What’s the one accessory that you find timeless and sexy for men? I’m not like a watch expert, but I do love when guys wear timepieces – and they don’t even have to be expensive. What does your go-to first date outfit and beauty routine look like?

” (Laughs) Oh, I’ll never ever buy gauchos again, and especially not in hot pink!

Getting To Know You In your opinion, what is the definition of good style?

I think it’s having the ability to pull off whatever it is you want to wear with confidence.

BUT, if a guy has bad style because he just didn’t care at all about how he looked, then I think so.

For example, if he showed up to our date wearing gym clothes because he was playing basketball earlier, then he probably doesn’t really like me enough to at least change into something else.

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