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As an almost twenty-one-year-old college girl (I’ll be 21 on March 25th, send me some love on that day), navigating the millennial dating scene can be a little confusing/overwhelming/what-am-I-doing.The closest I’ve gotten to dating in the last six months is kissing a stranger on New Year’s Eve, and flirty texting my hot ER nurse for a couple of weeks, only for him to tell me he’s actually seeing someone else.Growing up, I thought everyone should get married at that age, right out of college. Well, younger Reb, because not everyone’s story is the same. My childhood best friend met her husband in high school. I discovered my passion for fashion, writing, and my love for connecting with others through art my freshman year of college, and continue to fall in love with my career path everyday.

Dating apps have become sort of a hobby amongst young millennials.

My parents were married at 22 and 23, as were my brother and sister-in-law.

My childhood best friend recently got married at 20.

Chatting with Savannah Newman, she tells me, “Bumble is better than Tinder, because girls get to make the first move, and the guys are better looking.” A lot of people I am close with aren’t looking for a relationship at all.

Like I said, many of my friends are actively seeking careers instead of a significant other.

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