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The current standing on Yahoo Movies has "Twilight" teaser No. Coming in at number 3 is "The Dark Knight: You Wanna Play" at 115,689 clicks. So what is "Twilight" and why the incredible loyalty? The book's core is a romance between everyday teen Bella and her classmate Edward — a vampire.

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"Also because it gives normal girls that hope of the one true love that's been lost in fairy tales over the years. She stays abreast of news as a member of a fan Web site.

The allegations stem from an incident in February last year, when the Filipina was detained by traffic police, then handed over to Public Security, after a complaint filed by the other defendant.

The next day the Filipina also filed a complaint with police, saying that the defendant had repeatedly harassed her.

"Twilight's" first printing was 75,000; "Breaking Dawn's" 3.5 million.

All that sans blockbuster marketing — just lots of girl-tells-girl power."Twilight," the film, hits in December.

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