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She said she went to a restaurant in Gudaibiya with a girlfriend and as she parked her car, she saw the defendant sitting in a black Mercedes with two other men.The woman said she had had problems with him before and was worried about her car, so she went back to move it."I was worried about my car after seeing the Jordanian security man, who always harassed me wherever he saw me," she told police."I contacted a traffic policeman I knew and informed him about the situation and about that security man."He told me to remove my car and park it somewhere else near the restaurant."I went back to my car to move it, but the Jordanian security man and the two other men with him were blocking my car."When I wanted to enter my car he stopped me and said don't move the car from this place because the traffic police are coming for you now."I said I did not do anything and then the police arrived and a policeman in the patrol asked me to accompany them to the police station."I asked him why should I go to the police station without any reason."The policeman got down from the police patrol and brought his face near me to smell and check if I am drunk."The Jordanian security man had reported to them that I was drunk."The male defendant told police that he had parked his car to buy cigarettes from a cold store and the Filipina tried to ram him and made an obscene gesture with her fingers."My fiancée is also working in the same company where this Filipina is working and she is not in good terms with her and when she sees me she uses vulgar language against me," he said."This woman has threatened me through my fiancée and through a traffic police officer and he is the one who is provoking her against me."The case was adjourned until March 19, because the Filipina did not show up at court.But a check with a few bookstores, fans, and fan sites verifies some adult women and boys are fans. The best possible outcome is Bella and Edward marry and she becomes a vampire."She wants to go with him wherever he goes." Note: vampires never die or age."As soon as I read it I started seeing other people carrying around the book everywhere I went.I'd stumbled into the underground movement."Maybe not everyone. ...; The way it's written you want every one to be happy, you care for them, feel like you know them on a personal level," she says.

On May 7, 2004, Ahmed was arrested on drug-related charges. Ahmed is being threathened and all his confessions have been extracted under duress. There are 64 people held in custody, some of whom have been there for nine months... The first his family knew of his whereabouts was three days later. Ahmed has suffered the pain and indignity in silence. Policeman denies harassing Filipina By MOHAMMED ASLAMA JORDANIAN policeman has denied harassing a Filipina and violating her right to freedom of movement.

She's also helping to arrange the Exeter's Water Street Bookstore release party.

(See box)Till a friend gave Swift a copy of "Twilight" in February '08, when she was a high school senior, she'd never heard of it.

It's romance and paranormal fiction with tension galore; from early Bella and Edward encounters, to the later ones with some very bad vampires. "It's because every girl can relate to Bella," says Bridget Swift, 18, of Stratham and a mega fan. I haven't found a good one since 'Jane Austen' and that was a couple of centuries ago."Swift tracks info on the movie daily "sometimes hourly," and sends alerts out to a dozen equally interested friends.

"Also because it gives normal girls that hope of the one true love that's been lost in fairy tales over the years. She stays abreast of news as a member of a fan Web site.

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