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Just the two of them and all the time in the world. Sometimes she wished that Libby, Carl and Sheen never found them and they could still be there. How would you like to go to the petting zoo with me? My parents are not going to be home till for awhile but they figure I'll be with friends, so we can just walk straight to the park after we get our roller blades." He explained. "Actually, I'm all ready to go Neutron." She took out a pair of pink roller blades and his smile grew."So am I." He took her hand. "I don't think we're gonna have a problem," She replied as she pointed causing him to look back up. So if you want; maybe we could go together." He suggested. ""Well, if you don't want to be my date, we could just go as friends-" He didn't detect the happiness in her voice so when she cut him off with her answer; he was surprised."I'd love to be your date!

They would have nothing to hide cause no one would be around. Carl really wanted to ask Elke to be his date for the dance but he wanted to ask her somewhere special. We can pet the lamas and I also have something really important that I wanna ask you."She smiled. When the bus stopped near Jimmy's house; they got off and headed for Retropark. As you know; I used to win every single science fair until you showed up." She said in a joking manner. "Yes, I'm aware of that."They playfully shoved, bickered a little and teased each other on their way to the park. We nearly got caught last time." Jimmy told her."Uh," She glanced around. "He's too busy going gaga eyed over Betty." She finished."Well can you really blame him? Even though he liked Cindy now, he still found Betty attractive. "Only if you want too." He added quickly not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable. " She gave him a big hug and he wrapped his arms around her, happily.

Things went back to normal right after they rescued their parents.

Jimmy and Cindy continued their constant fighting but they also started to have more moments were they actually got along and even complimented each other. The bus stopped at his place and he asked the driver if Elke could get off with him.

Jimmy and Cindy both glanced at each other miserable about this as their dates took them to their tables.

They happened to be across from each other and that was so Eustace and Sally could make both their victoms misrable and jealous.

They were just lost in each other and when Jimmy realized what he was doing; he immediately made a face at her and turned away. The first time she was ever nice to him was when they were locked in the dungeon in space.

She actually comforted him and encouraged him to put his big brain to use and help everyone.

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He began to like her too and when they were on that island; things seemed simple and they were able to get along without having to worry about pressure, stress, or mean people. Soon all the kids were dropped off and Jimmy and Cindy were the only two left. "It's a good thing we get dropped off last." She whispered causing him to grin."Agreed. "Uh, you know, their's this dance that's coming up and well I know you're new here and I really don't have a date."So anyways, I took your advice and asked Libs to be my date." Sheen pumped his fists in the air; overjoyed. Jimmy wished he had courage to tell Eustace and Sally off, go to the dance with Cindy, be happy with her and not care what anyone thinks. "I'm going with Sagebrush Sally."Sheen gave Jimmy a high five. Her mom, struggling to be perfect with everything she does and Eustace and Sally's blackmail."Hello," Libby said waving her hands in front of Cindy's face causing her to snap out of her thoughts. " Cindy asked."I asked if you have a date for the dance yet. Someone had to ask you or are you going to ask Jimmy? He just asked me minutes ago before I departed." Cindy finished sounding happy."What? She knew Cindy liked Jimmy and not Eustace so why did she keep trying to fool everyone? She realized Cindy's true feelings for Jimmy around three months ago. She pushed him against a wall and held his hands back. "I don't know who you think you are coming in this school and flattering the teacher like that but I'll have you know; I am Cindy Vortex the most intelligent student in this entire school and I always get the best grades and win every science fair! Being the best and being good at everything and I'm not going to be the second best."And from that day on; Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex were rivals.He sighed as he looked out the window and watched the clouds. Why couldn't she just come out with her feelings and be happy with him already? It was also around the same time that Cindy was just starting to become aware of her feelings for Jimmy and it scared her because she thought she was supposed to hate him. Cindy remembered when she first met Jimmy and they instantly became rivals. She had been the smartest kid in retrovile until he showed up and stole her title. I am very impressed with your article about science and it was pretty accurate. She had a threating look in her eyes as she stared at him. They would constantly argue and yell at each other.They found an empty bench and sat down so they could put on their skates. "We have to get ready for the worst night of our life."He sighed. They have my favorite game there; Llama Herding and I know you'll love it too.""It's a date." She replied. Jimmy and Cindy were in their houses; getting ready for theirs.They also watched as the kids skated and were on the look out for familiar people."I'm glad you came Betty." Nick told her. "I loved roller skating ever since I was little.""Me too! "I do have a habit of falling down a lot and getting hurt though."She giggled a little."Uh, there's something I wanna ask you." He said, suddenly becoming serious. "Right."Carl and Elke were at the petting zoo; riding on the lamas. It was around six fifteen when they got back from the park.

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