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You should also block or report any harassing messages received on an app or site to the administrator who will be able to monitor the person's account and possibly remove it.Meeting someone online for the first time can be quite exciting as you can really get to know them without the pressure of being face-to-face and struggling to find words.You wouldn’t be pleased if the person chatting you up turned out to have a completely different personality to what you’d seen online!It’s up to you what you share with someone online when you don’t really know the person.Clearly, men tend to be a bit more superficial, so make sure you are in the best shape and putting your best foot forward.Getting a few new date outfits is always a great idea to make you feel really good.First dates are exciting but can also be tricky: you usually do not know the person too well and don’t always know what to expect.

Although a few years ago the prospect of using an online dating service or app may have been a horrifying prospect, it turns out that with new organisations creating innovative ways to meet people, it can actually be a lot of fun - so long as you’re being safe and conscientious!

For some, dating can be a scary experience, but with the advent of new dating app technology, it's getting progressively easier to find your perfect match. With help from matchmaker Janis Spindel and dating app Chappy, we're hoping finding "the one" is a resolution you're sure to keep.

Make a list of what you want, make sure you are realistic with your expectations of what you are looking for. Timing in life is everything, it could be the right guy, but the wrong time or vice versa.

Check out our guide to safe sexting for more information.

Things are going well, but in the back of your mind there’s a sense of One thing you can do to check your online mate is genuine is a quick Google image search, which will allow you to see where their profile image has been used before.

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