Dating agencies for people with learning disabilities dating for married guys

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Although attitudes are changing, it is evident that some caregivers still hold these negative perceptions, which include the belief that people with learning disabilities are asexual or “childlike”.

Not only do these beliefs hold people with learning disabilities back from relationships, they also infringe on their human right to privacy and a family life, as outlined in Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

The basic principle in the provision of Vocational Training and Employment Service is the active involvement and partnership of the young disabled person and his / her family.

Application procedure (the candidate can choose any of the three options to register): By phone: 079 77 55 13; 022 56 11 00 By e-mail: [email protected] by presenting it at the “Speranta” Center office.

People with learning disabilities, like everyone else, have a need for affectionate and intimate relationships.

Yet many people with learning disabilities don’t get to have this type of relationship because of a lack of social and practical support, and society’s negative and stereotypical attitudes.

This Valentine’s Day will once again see a celebration of love.

Disabled Date Place is a dating site specialised in dating for disabled people from a wide range of disability conditions.

Disabled Date Place specialises in online dating and matchmaking services for people with a wide range of disabilities.

Online dating is for everyone and meeting new people is fun with our dating site.

Although they may want to be in a relationship, they are often faced with barriers and challenges that prevent them finding what many take for granted.

But specialised dating agencies can help to provide the support they need to meet new people and find romance.

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