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This was much more intuitive and allowed much easier editing than the prior system of parameter lists.It has since been copied by just about every other similar product. This version brings digital signal processor (DSP) built-in effects with 8-track audio recording and playback using only native hardware.This technology has become the de facto standard for other DAW software, when integrating software based instruments on the Macintosh and Windows platforms.A new version of VST, VST3, was introduced with Steinberg's Cubase 4 which introduced improved handling of automation and audio output, native sidechaining, and many other features.In 2013, Steinberg introduced Cubasis for i Pad, a Cubase for i OS.This version was a full rewrite and supports MIDI and audio tracks, audiobus and virtual MIDI to work with external music apps from the first versions.It added Virtual Studio Technology (VST) support, a standard for audio plug-ins, which led to a plethora of third-party effects, both freeware and commercial.Cubase VST was only for Macintosh and Windows; Atari support had been effectively dropped by this time, despite such hardware still being a mainstay in many studios.

By the time it did, VST's audio editing ability was found to be lacking, when compared with competitors such as Pro Tools DAE and Digital Performer MAS.Originally called Cubeat, later on Cubit, but changed to Cubase due to trademark issues, this was the successor to Pro-24.Cubase for Atari was MIDI only and ran on the Atari 520ST and Atari 1040ST computers, provided they had 1 Mb of RAM (the 520 with 1 Mb of RAM is effectively a 1040 anyway).Early versions of Cubase VST did not have this ability.Cubase SX also featured real-time time-stretching and adjustment of audio tempo, much like Sonic Foundry's ground-breaking ACID.

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