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At the corner of Twelve Mile Road and Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak Michigan, the church is one of metropolitan Detroit’s landmark buildings. Mc Gill was commissioned to design the tower in 1927.

The sanctuary, an unusual octagonal shaped design with the altar in the center and seats on all sides was constructed and as funds became available and was completed in 1933.

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The original donation consisted of approximately 22,000 items; this has now grown to 500,000 items, many of which have been donated by travellers, scholars and missionaries.

Because of the unusual configuration of the property and the resulting restrictions, the architect had great difficulty devising a workable plan. Mc Gill’s final design features the church proper, an octagon, with four two-story "wings" that, together with the narthex and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, create an overall shape of a cross.

lang=en&Module Id=10005516 and; gov/history/The Pitt Rivers Museum is a museum displaying the archaeological and anthropological collections of the University of Oxford in Oxford, England.

Museum staff are involved in teaching Archaeology and Anthropology at the University even today. A second stipulation in the Deed of Gift was that a building should be provided to house the collection and used for no other purpose.

The University therefore engaged Thomas Manly Deane, son of Thomas Newenham Deane who, together with Benjamin Woodward, had designed and built the original Oxford University Museum of Natural History building three decades earlier, to create an adjoining building at the rear of the main building to house the collection.

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