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In it he secured all points of entry for air and other contaminants.

Patterson also acid cleaned all apparatuses and even distilled all of his chemicals shipped to him.

In 1953, Brown brought Patterson along with him to Caltech, where Patterson was able to build his own lab from scratch.The limitations of the analytic procedures led to his use of other approaches.He found that deep ocean water contained up to 20 times less lead than surface water, in contrast to similar metals such as barium.Patterson's ability to isolate microgram quantities of lead from ordinary rocks and to determine their isotope composition led him to examining the lead in ocean sediment samples from the Atlantic and the Pacific.Deriving from the different ages at which the landmasses had drained into the ocean, he was able to show that the amount of anthropogenic lead presently dispersed into the environment was about 80 times the amount being deposited in the ocean sediments previously: the geochemical cycle for lead appeared to be badly out of balance.

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