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That led him to doubt the commonly held view that lead concentrations had grown by only a factor of two over naturally occurring levels.

Patterson returned to the problem of his initial experiment and the contamination he had found in the blanks used for sampling.

The limitations of the analytic procedures led to his use of other approaches.

Patterson also acid cleaned all apparatuses and even distilled all of his chemicals shipped to him.Brown was able to receive a grant from the United States Atomic Energy Commission to continue work on dating the Earth, but more importantly, to commission a new mass spectrometer in Pasadena, California at Caltech.In 1953, Brown brought Patterson along with him to Caltech, where Patterson was able to build his own lab from scratch.In essence, he created one of the first clean rooms ever, in order to prevent lead contamination of his data.He then was able to finish his work with the Canyon Diablo meteorite.

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