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He continued: 'The pork is dry, it's unseasoned, and the salsa, pineapple doesn't exist in Mexican cuisine - it's a very Aussie thing to do.

I really haven't enjoyed this.' Fellow judge Pete also showed his displeasure with a score of one: 'There's no flavour, there's no love - there's nothing there.

Culinary finesse: After filling out the joke questionnaire Matt said: 'They asked us to submit a video of us cooking and I was like, ‘Oh, no, this is too much ­effort, prank’s gone too far’, so we never actually submitted that' (pictured with judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans)Due to wanting to keep the pregnancy under wraps until; 12 weeks, Aly said she had steered clear of alcohol-based desserts, including Olga and Valeria's White Russian triumph.

'Unfortunately I'm going to be quite harsh on this critique...

I'm very, very disappointed, you haven't taken me to Mexico,' Manu said of the dish, which he scored with just ONE point.

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