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s4 and Admiral Bulldog were playing for the new upstart team No Tidehunter created by s4 and Canadian support player Eterna LEn Vy.

In late October 2012, it was announced that Loda and Akke had joined team No Tidehunter, only one month before Dreamhack Winter 2012 which the team had qualified for with a mixed roster including German carry Black^.

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The foundation of what would later become the Alliance Dota 2 team was laid when Swedish Dot A veteran Loda, who had just left Singaporean Team Zenith after their dissolution following The International 2012, was approached by a sponsor (which would later become the Alliance organization) asking him if he was interested in putting together a team.

The last victory under the nth team name would be the fifth season of the Star Ladder Star Series, as only days after their win in Kiev their mysterious sponsor was announced.

We are extremely happy to be a part of the birth of Alliance. We strive for perfection, and with the support from our sponsor, Razer, this will be a great organization.

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We pursue this vision by convening and serving the profession, helping to find universal principles that unite our professional associations and their members, while embracing a diversity that enables different applications in different parts of our global community.

With the addition of EGM, nth continued to dominate the western scene despite some people thinking the departure of their former Canadian captain would be the end of their success, and Loda taking a lot of flak from the community for removing the promising young Canadian from the team he created.

The team now consisted of two of the most successful Swedish Dot A players of all time in in team captain/spiritual leader Loda and support player Akke together with the up-and-coming stars EGM, Admiral Bulldog as well as in-game leader/team strategist and the brightest shining star of the team, solo-mid player s4.

Looking back at the glory days of his early career, his decision was to try to go with an all-swedish lineup in the same spirit as his oldest and most successful team, SK Gaming of the 2008 era.

His and the fellow Swedish support veteran Akke's, eyes fell upon rising Swedish solo-mid star s4, whom Loda had noticed during their Ho N days.

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