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These young people are often very well adjusted, have excellent middos, and a tremendous sensitivity and understanding about life." "With the haskama and brachos of Gedolei Yisrael, Boneh Bayis has been organized to fill this need.All calls and all information are strictly confidential.Electronic Mailing Lists Groups and Organizations Shidduch Resource Sites On-line Direct Shidduchim Sites On-line Indirect Shidduchim Sites Special Needs Shidduch Resources Shidduch Humor Shidduch Themed Web Logs (Blogs) Miscellaneous Shidduch Themed Sites Note: The Encounter USA Zivugim site is only usable by rabbis, rebbetzins and educators, seeking shidduchim for their talmidim/talmidos.The "sponsor" must first request a log-in for the site.I dreaded that familiar face-to-face with the dark, and the black uncertainty of my future. I realize now that the “hanging on” proved to be the most critical part of the climb.Pulling in a thick breath, I summoned the strength to trust that Hashem would provide, if I just pushed on for another day. Over those grueling years of waiting, I sought vital avenues of inspiration and practical advice.

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We have been endorsed and are being guided by prominent Rabbonim/Rebbitzens and all the information we obtain is kept strictly confidential.Some days I scaled the mountain, most days I hung on.Flicking the light switch off each night served the heftiest challenge.Head to Heart: What To Know Before Dating and Marriage By Gila Manolson Targum Press, Inc.Southfield, MI, 2002 175 pages Reviewed by Bayla Sheva Brenner For most of my adult years I lived as a single frum woman–a mountainous challenge.

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    Time will tell if your date is a narcissist, so be cautious if you have any concerns and don’t rush into getting too close too soon until you truly feel you’re getting to know your date on a deeper level.

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