Adult webcam sites hacking

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Tesco Bank manages around 136,000 current accounts, this hack involved the theft of £2.5m from 9,000 customers’ accounts. It represents a landmark hacking in that: Although the previous attacks claim ‘state sponsored’ knowhow behind the attacks, this, what is know as the ‘Maria botnet’ DDOS or brute force attack was a first both in terms of scale and methodology. The idea is simple; spam a site with so many requests that the servers overheat and stop serving up the traffic.

The solution has been mostly the use of CDN’s or content distribution networks’s.

Dyn stated that they were receiving malicious requests from tens of millions of IP addresses totaling 1.2Tbps at it’s peak.

The information was then passed to a popular wiki website, where it was published and subsequently to the FBI, where it was investigated.

Friend Finder Network Inc is a company that operates a wide range of 18 services and was hacked in November of 2016 for over 400 million accounts representing 20 years of customer data.

A list of sites verified and how many affected accounts and a brief description: Most of the passwords hacked from the Friendfinder network were stored either as plain text, or lightly encrypted, (in the SHA1 protocol).

Once the accounts were modified and the encrypted passwords hacked, they were made available for sale on the Darkweb.

Here’s a list of the passwords most commonly used:-Allegedly spanning back to 2014, Yahoo has been leaking information to what it called ‘state sponsored hacking’.

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