Adolecent dating sociology

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Blumenkrantz Center for the Advancement of Youth, Family, and Community Services, Inc.Within these orientations, positive rites of passage are framed as requiring both events and cognitive processes of the event.Here, as youth develop in their social context, they often are thought to experience what we subsequently refer to as a “rites of passage” in ways that create either a positive or negative orientation to their navigation through adolescence to adulthood.In general, these rites of passage have been the way our species have responded to individual and community stressors and the resulting imbalance that occurs during life transitions.

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Over the last three decades, additional studies and reviews have examined rites of passage in adolescence.

Work, home, and school life gradually became separate entities due to a variety of changing social conditions (e.g., increased numbers of secondary schools, child labor laws, factory growth) that affected societal outlooks on youth.

Similarly, Kett (1977) discussed how various economic and practical aspects of life impacted a “coming of age” for its younger members.

Arnold van Gennep (1960) first used the term “rites of passage” in 1908 in his seminal work The label was intended to give language an ability to describe the pattern and ascribe meaning to these human phenomena.

During times of transition, van Gennep noticed a pattern of events that contained similar activities, which he classified as (1) Separation from a previous status; (2) Margin or liminality as a period of uncertainty characterized by anxiety, “betwixt and between” two different states; and (3) Reincorporation as an integration of new attitudes, values, and/or behaviors that connoted a new status.

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