Abhay deol dating preeti desai

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This would seem a shame if it wasn't for the fact that the basis of their emotional connection eventually turns out to be tissue paper, farts and fecal metaphors. offers one of the least insightful and most shallow portraits of India's urban youth.

If the upcoming generation of Indian men is really like the ones in the film, I predict a sharp and dramatic rise in the country's lesbian population in the next census survey.

We had to convincingly play the emotions of the character," says Preeti. I have a lot of things to do," says Preeti, rubbishing the rumours of marriage or engagement.

"Abhay is a very supportive person and is always there for me.

While Samara's non-existent career is going nowhere, to make his mum happy, Amit meets a marriage candidate, Shishika (Yashika Dhillon). They don't get along, so obviously the wedding is set for next month.

The arranged marriage setup follows predictably — it's a disaster. And being the urban, educated, gainfully employed, joint-smoking, The film waffles along, showing various moments where Amit and Samara's lives intersect but don't give them a chance to actually meet.

One of the contestants who loses out thanks to Amit's harebrained scheme is Samara.

However, if Amit's strategy was to have the worst dancers advance on the show, Samara should have been the winner.

When Amit is dumped by long-time girlfriend Radhika, he mopes around.

I needed time to learn more about acting, and also differentiate between a good and a bad script.

I was just being patient to not sign anything," says Brit-Indian model/actress Preeti Desai.

Like so many compromises, it isn't fun and it's distasteful to both parties.

She made her acting debut with acclaimed film Shor in the City (2011) and was nominated for Best Lead Actress at South Asian Rising Star Film Awards in New York City in October 2012 presented by SAIFF and HBO.

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